5 Ways to remove tree stumps from your yard

If you have trees that you want to remove from your yard, it usually involves a two-step process. The first step is cutting the tree, and the second step is removing the unsightly stump that is left behind. There are several ways to remove these stumps from your yard. The method you choose, depends on the amount of work you want to do.

Dig The Stumps Out

If the stump that you are trying to remove is from a small or medium size tree, one of the easiest ways to remove the stump is to simply dig it up. Using a sharp spade, or pick, dig your way all the way around the perimeter of the stump to expose the roots of the stumps. Use an ax or root saw to cut these into pieces. Pull the cut roots out of the ground as you go.

Once you have cut and pulled all of your major roots, your stump should be easy to dislodge. Use a shovel to dig underneath and access any remaining roots that you may see. Fill in the hole.

Rent A Stump Grinder

Check with your local rental company to rent a machine that is designed to grind stumps below the ground level. Most are very simple to use if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most grinders are approximately the size of a small push lawn mower. These work well on most stumps, but may not work on extremely large stumps. Once you turn the grinder on, you will have to move and position it around the perimeter of your stump as you are grinding it. Once you have completed grinding the stump, shovel out the wood chips and dispose of them in another location. Fill the remaining hole in with soil.

Use A Chemical Stump Remover

If both of these methods seem too labor intensive, try using a chemical stump remover. While chemical products will not make the stump disappear as quick as digging it up or grinding it, they are much easier to use.

Chemical products will require you to drill holes in the top of your stump so that the chemicals will be able to access the interior of your wood. Follow the product’s instructions to determine how much chemical needs to be added and how often. These products work to speed up the decomposition of the wood.

Depending on the size of the stump, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before the stump is soft enough to be chopped up and removed. Once the wood is soft, use your ax to chop up the stump and remove the wood from your yard. Once you have chopped up the majority of the stump, build a fire in the stump’s location to incinerate the remains of the stump and its root system.

Call A Professional Stump Removal Company

A professional tree removal company will come and remove the stumps from your yard for you. Their pricing is often dependent on several things. These include:

  • The size of the stump that they are removing.
  • The method they are using to remove the stump.
  • The number of stumps you have to be removed.

You can also sometimes negotiate and save money by allowing them to come and remove your stumps when their workload is slow. You may have to wait a few days or even a few weeks, but the savings may make your wait worthwhile.

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Create An Alternative Use For Your Stump

Sometimes the best way to get rid of an unsightly stump is to not get rid of it at all but to repurpose it for another use.

  • Level off the top of your stump and add a shallow ceramic saucer and create a birdbath for your feathered friends.
  • Add a table top and a few chairs to create a wonderful place to eat and relax in your yard.
  • Paint a simple checkerboard on top of your stump to give kids and grownups alike a fun place to play.
  • Dig out the center of your stump, fill it with potting soil and create natural planters.
  • Carve a garden seat out of your stump. Add a few pillows and have a delightful place to read.

The sky is the limit. Sit back and imagine all of the things that you can create from the stumps that remain in your yard. Not only will you not have to worry about removing them, the stumps will take on a new life and continue to create natural beauty in your yard.