Kitchen Improvements Ideas

Dainty Details: Little Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

While the kitchen is a great place for family bonding, your time there can easily feel more like a chore than anything else due to all the cleaning, cooking, and other seemingly mundane housekeeping activities. Especially when broken glass comes into play while fixing up your kitchen. Broken glass in windows can affect any room in the house. That’s why it’s such a great idea to keep your kitchen in good shape. It appears that the average homeowner is at least vaguely aware of this concept – that if you keep your home in good shape you’ll feel better about being there. However, understandably, not many people are willing and/or able to invest in a comprehensive renovation project. That’s why we’ve put together a reliable list of small improvement ideas for you keep in mind when it comes to making sure your kitchen is presentable and attractive without having to spend copious amounts of time and money on fully updating all of the furniture and appliances in your kitchen.

Broken Glass in Kitchen Window.
  • First, start with your soaps, sponges, steel wool, and other cleaning supplies. We know, we know, it sounds boring at worst and irrelevant at best, but take it from us: if your cleaning supplies smell good and are easy to use, it will make the experience of having to use them that much more pleasant. Invest in a Swiffer wet-jet or similar point-and-spray mop. Get a broom with a dustpan and brush that actually works and a lightweight vacuum that doesn’t break your back to move around. Having a clean kitchen will help with the home remodel.
  • There’s always room for a cute new set of mugs! Adding a new set of dishware or silverware can brighten up your new kitchen and help it to feel more homey. If you’ve been using your grandmother’s ugly old dishes and with beat-up plain silverware, don’t be afraid to put them somewhere safe and eat off of plates that you actually like to look at with silverware that is actually comfortable to hold. Don’t be afraid to upgrade your napkins from plain white to maybe white with a fun design. Mind-blowing, right? Exactly.
  • While it’s often not feasible for us to just waltz to Sears or Ikea and come back with a brand new refrigerator, consider upgrading the cookware and smaller appliances that you use every day. You’ll be thankful for non-stick pans even if they cost a little bit extra (you don’t need to buy cooking oil or spray!). Brightly colored whisks or spatulas will make the cooking experience just a bit more fun. If you’re a loyal tea or coffee drinker, look into coffee makers or electric kettles that are easy to use – you’ll be glad you did when your kitchen smells like your favorite beverage in the morning.
  • Last but not least, keep your eye open for little decorations. It’s okay if everything doesn’t match perfectly together. Hanging some reflective glass shapes in your window will bounce more light around the room. Get some tablecloths and switch them out every few months to reflect the changing seasons (pro tip: invest in a glass covering that will protect the tablecloth from stains, rips, and other damage). A pretty clock or other kinds of wall art will help to improve your kitchen as well.

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