Well a little about me. My name is Larry Morris. I’m retired from the construction business. I spend most of my time in my cabin, which in fact had a bunch of unwanted guests so I thought i’d share a tip with you that helped me out.

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If you own a cabin, or are thinking of building a cabin in the woods, chances are you will get uninvited spiders and bugs coming inside. Here’s what you can do to get rid of these pesky pests.

Seal Walls

Before you stain the wood inside your cabin, seal it with a bug treatment that protects against boring beetles, termites, carpenter ants, which are everywhere, and other types of bugs. This kind of treatment is harmless to humans, but bugs hate it.

Purchase the treatment at home improvement supply stores. Some wood-preservation insect killing products act as fungicides as well as insecticides.

Also, you can purchase powder diatomite, which is safe for humans, but kills hard-bodied insects, such as carpenter ants by dehydrating them. This you want to sprinkle around outdoors.

Spray Walls and Openings

Spray natural pest repellent on walls, especially near baseboards and ceilings, and around windows and door frames.

You can make a natural repellent by mixing one drop of peppermint oil with a quart of water in a spray bottle. You can also use citronella, cinnamon, or citrus oil. These natural oils will kill spiders on contact and repel them from making their homes inside your home. Adding a drop or two of dish soap will enhance the bug-killing concoction, but this is optional.

Another great idea for inside your cabin is to make an aromatic solution that you can spray around on linens and sofas. Just fill half a spray bottle with half rubbing alcohol, and almost fill the rest of the bottle with water. Then add drop 2 to 4 drops each of juniper, fir, tea tree, cedar wood, and peppermint oil into the mix. This will smell woodsy and fresh, and it keeps away those bugs.

Keep it Clean

Keep your cabin low in moisture and do not stack wood piles outside next to your cabin. Spiders and other bugs look for wood piles and dark moist spots. Try not to stack clutter such as papers or card board boxes, which are wood-derived, anywhere inside, as insects look for places like these to hide out.

A clean kitchen free of debris and food crumbs will help stave off bugs looking for lunch. Keep the floors vacuumed and swept on every level of your cabin.

Get an Electronic Pest Repeller 

You can get one of these devices at a reasonable price and install it in your cabin. Most of them are battery-powered.

The electronic repeller is a chemical-free gadget that sends out ultra sonic frequencies that are too high for humans, but just annoying enough to send pests and unwanted animals packing.

They also make motion-sensor repellers for your yard, which is good for keeping larger animals like raccoons and skunks, away from your cabin.