Professional Window Installation

DIY vs Professional Window Installation – Which is Right For You

Replacing the windows and doors in your home can be a wonderful way of improving the appearance of your home while enjoying a wide variety of additional benefits, such as increased energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. If you were looking for glass replacement in Arizona you might try a glass company like Valleywide Glass Repair Company .However, before you can begin enjoying these benefits, you will first need to determine who is going to install your new windows and doors. Typically, you will have two installation options to choose from. You can either install these products yourself, or you can hire a professional contractor to do the job for you. To help you determine which of these options is right for you, take just a few moments to review the pros and cons that come along with both options.

Option #1: Do-It-Yourself Installation

The Pros:

  • No Labor Costs – Choosing to install your own windows and doors will allow you to completely eliminate the labor costs that come along with a professional installation. With average labor costs ranging between $80-$160 per replacement window, homeowners can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by eliminating these costs.
  • No Waiting – Professional contractors will rarely be available to start your installation job the same day you call to request their services. Instead, you will need to wait several days or even weeks until your appointment time arrives. When performing your own installation, you will be able to start the job immediately and work around your own schedule.

The Cons:

  • No Guarantee – Since you are not paying for labor, there will be no guarantee associated with the installation of your windows and doors. This means that if any damage results from the installation process or any mistakes are made, you will be solely responsible for covering the cost of the necessary repairs. Furthermore, you may find that your homeowners insurance policy does not provide any coverage for damages resulting for the installation process as a result of your decision to perform this work yourself.
  • Higher Risk – The average homeowner will have no training when it comes to window and door installations. Consequently, do-it-yourself installation will come with a higher risk of personal injury and property damage. This is especially true when installing heavy materials, such as steel security doors.

Option #2: Professional Installation

The Pros:

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  • Protect Warranty – Your windows and doors will need to installed according to the manufacturer instructions in order to preserve your warranty. With the use of professional installation services, you can ensure that these instructions will be followed precisely and that your warranty remains in tact.
  • No Stress – Taking on a large do-it-yourself project, such as replacing all of the windows in your home, can be a major source of stress. With the use of professional installation services, there is no need to stress because all of the work is being done for you.

The Cons:

  • Limited Variation – Professional installation contractors are often required to stand behind the work they perform by offering a guarantee on all of the jobs they complete. Consequently, these contractors will often be unwilling or unable to deviate from the recommended installation procedures. For instance, if you wish to modify your windows and doors in a way that will ultimately void your warranty, you may find it difficult to secure the services of a professional contractor to assist with this aspect of your installation due to the possible liability issues that could result.
  • Access Required – If you plan on replacing all of the windows and doors in your home, you will need to provide the contractor with unrestricted access to all of the rooms in your home. This includes bedrooms and other areas that may typically be off limits to anyone outside of your household.

In Conclusion

While some homeowners will benefit most from the use of do-it-yourself installation, others will find that professional installation is the right way to go. In many cases, this determination will be made based upon a homeowner’s available budget and the complexity of the job at hand. If you are still unsure about which option is right for you,